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Lost Classmates

A classmate is considered lost when the Association no longer has a valid address or phone number for her. That means she no longer receives our class mailings, the Quarterly, or any other Holyoke-abilia.
• What to do if you know the whereabouts of someone on this list

Where Are These Women?

(listed alphabetically according to birth name, followed by last known place of residence, if available)
  • Maria Aguirre (Puerto Rico)
  • Nicole Allen
  • Julie Barnett (Massachusetts)
  • Martha A. Boll
  • Ann Marie Cavosora
  • Heather Cawley (New York)
  • Bethany Darrow (Florida)
  • Yvonne de Reynier (New York)
  • Dionne Delgado (New York)
  • Feryale Diab-Ghanem (New York)
  • Jennifer Donovan (New York)
  • Laura Beach Ellis (Phillippines)
  • Kerstin Goldsmith (California)
  • Amy Hanks
  • Mi-Jin Hong (California)
  • Misrak Kifle (Connecticut)
  • Rebecca Kruppenbacher (California)
  • Sheri Kurtz
  • Lara Laughlin (South Carolina)
  • Alexandra Lewis (England)
  • Catherine Lindgren (New Hampshire)
  • Christina Lindholm (South Carolina)
  • Amy Mahan (Pennsylvania)
  • Michelle McCue
  • Libby Meyer
  • Shawn Moran
  • Mariko Otsu (Japan)
  • Christina Patten (Connecticut)
  • Stacy Patton
  • Glena Pointer (Saudi Arabia)
  • Thea Politis
  • Jane Pollard
  • Kathleen Quinn (Texas)
  • Mary Riley (Maryland)
  • Charlann Russell (Indiana)
  • Chin-Ru Shen
  • Laramie Smith (Canada)
  • Katherine Soh (France)
  • Janet Um (California)
  • Kristen Urgese (Connecticut)
  • Elizabeth Valenti (New York)
  • Elizabeth Wagley (Washington, DC)
  • Suzanne Walsh (Ohio)
  • Kristen Wilson (Illinois)
  • Minhua Yang (Washington)

If you have address information for anyone listed below, please contact the Association's Alumnae Information Services ( or 413-538-2303).

If you need to update your own info, you can do so via the Association's online directory (registration required).

If your name appears on this list erroneously, please email Julianne.